KSS strongly believes that initial training just after recruitment is key to a satisfied client.

  KSS has tie-ups/MOUs signed with established training centers such as SLV Institute of Training & Efficiency Management
      in Delhi and with the Academic Center of Leader Star Security in Rajasthan.

  We send our recruited personnel to the above centers depending on the area/state where they are to be deployed for a training
      regime where in they are taught the various processes & techniques of on ground security such as.

  •   Gate Control
  •   Access Control
  •   Vehicle & Material Control
  •   Frisking
  •   Crowd Control
  •   Communications Management (Walky Talky & Landline)
  •   First Aid
  •   Fire Fighting
  •   Note Book Entries & Incident Report Writing
  •   And many more security modules

Post deployment of manpower on client premises, KSS’s Area Managers who have vast experience in the field of private security also impart “On the Job Training” as well to keep personnel abreast and updated on new security measures applicable in the industry.

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